Bringing Librarianship into the 21st Century

Collecting, sharing, and thinking through ideas that (I hope) will be helpful to teachers, administrators, school librarians, youth services librarians, students, life-long learners, and other explorers of our world.

About me

I am currently a Middle School Librarian with several years experience in the classroom as a Guest Teacher.  While I have experience in all grade levels in public schools, I have an affinity for Middle School.

My approach to Librarianship and to Teaching I owe in large part to my Mom.  Like so many other children, I would seek my Mom’s attention and guidance with the words, “I’m bored…”  In many ways, her exasperated response defined the course of my life.  What she taught me was that in order to lead an interesting life, I must take an interest in life.  (Her actual words were a bit more stinging – something like, “There are no boring things, only boring people.” – and then I was usually put to work doing chores.)  I have found myself counseling my students with this same piece of wisdom, hoping that I inspire at least some of them to take an interest in the world around them.

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