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Bringing Poetry Outside | Edutopia

See how one teacher encourages his school to join together and enjoy a spring day with poetry.

Source: Bringing Poetry Outside | Edutopia


How We Haiku — Teaching Stories 11


It’s one thing to appreciate haiku, but it’s a totally different animal to teach it.  Teaching requires flexibility, passion, and a degree of mastery of the subject that allows the teacher to converse freely and energetically enough to engage the audience in a learning moment… wherever and whenever that teaching moment occurs.

Check out this inspiring Teaching Story – How We Haiku.

Source: How We Haiku — Teaching Stories 11

The Reason for the Seasons – National Geographic Society

Happy First Day of Fall!  To celebrate the Autumnal Equinox – and discover the science behind the change in season- visit this National Geographic Society blog.  Students use polystyrene foam balls and light bulbs to investigate the sun’s intensity on the surface of the Earth.

Source: The Reason for the Seasons – National Geographic Society

Audiobooks and the Summer Reading Push | Tech Tidbits | School Library Journal

Audiobooks are just what teens need to combat the summer slide. Teacher librarian Phil Goerner shares the top free resources to offer over the break.

Source: Audiobooks and the Summer Reading Push | Tech Tidbits | School Library Journal

Middle School | This American Life

Available now in This American Life archives: Middle School.

This American life, hosted by Ira Glass, has served as a tremendous asset to the America public for nearly 20 years, bringing a voice to the regular Joe Citizen.  The inspiration of this particular podcast came from a teen who duly noted that This American Life had not yet shared the voice of middle schoolers.  Glass accepted the challenge, producing this excellent example of the Middle School Experience.

Source: Middle School | This American Life